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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions:


Your questions are important to us.  If the information below does not address your questions, please call our office at (315) 592-7303 and we will be more than happy to assist you.


How Often Will I Receive A Bill?

Water bills are on a quarterly schedule.

District 1:  Customers located on the West Side of the Oswego River receive bills in March, June, September & December.   Your account number begins with 1.

District 2:  Customers located on the East Side of the Oswego River with property South of Rochester Street receive bills in January, April, July & October.  Your account number begins with 2.

District 3:  Customers located on the East Side of the Oswego River with property North of Rochester Street receive bills in February, May, August & November.  Your account number begins with 3.

Customers are given a minimum of twenty (20) days to pay their bill.  Any bill not paid on or before the due date will be assessed a 10 percent penalty. 


What Happens If I Don’t Pay My Bill?

If an account is still delinquent forty (40) days after the billing date then a disconnection notice is mailed out giving an additional twenty (20) days to pay.  If payment is still not received, then service is disconnected.  Once the water service is disconnected, it will not be restored until the account balance and any other City Service balance(s), including delinquent taxes, plus a $100.00 reconnect fee are paid in full.


Will My Bill Be Based On Actual Meter Readings?

We try to obtain actual readings for every account each quarter.  If we are unable to retrieve a reading, a card will be left requesting that the occupant read the meter.  If the card is not returned to our office, we will estimate the bill based on prior usage.  If your reading is estimated, a message will print on your bill stating such.  It is up to the owner / occupant to ensure that we have access to our meters and reading devices.  Thank you for keeping snow cleared and shrubs trimmed near reading devices.


No Water Was Used – Why Did I Receive A Bill?

With having the water on at the curb, you have requested our service and will be billed a base water charge even if you do not use the water.  The only way to stop being billed is to request the curb box valve be turned off and removal of the meter.  There is a fee of $40.00 to reset the meter and turn on the curb box valve if water service is required again. 


What Happens If The Water Meter Freezes?

It is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure that our water meter is protected from freezing or damage.  The owner of the property is assessed the cost of a new meter or meter bottom plate.


What Am I Responsible For?

The property owner is responsible for any plumbing from the curb box valve to the house and any internal plumbing.  The Water Department will only maintain the water main, curb box valve, and water meter.  The City does not do any type of plumbing work.  Upon request, we have available a list of licensed plumbers that can do work in the City of Fulton.


Why Has My Water Usage Increased?

There are many reasons as to why your usage may increase. 

·          Toilet Leak

·          Faucet Leak

·          Increase in occupants

·          Installation of washing machine or dishwasher

·          Watering of lawn & gardens

·          Washing vehicles & house

·          Hot water tank leak

·          Filling swimming pool or hot tub

·          Using sprinklers


All residential meters have a black triangle on the meter’s face.  If no water is being used and the triangle is moving, there is a leak.

If you are unable to determine your usage increase, we can perform a few various leak detection tests at no expense to you.  Call our office at 592-7303 to schedule an appointment.


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