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The Friends of Fulton Parks, Inc. is a 501(c)3 corporation and donations to the organization are deductible to the extent provided by law.  Tax ID # is 26-3731932.  A copy of the latest annual report filed with the State of New York may be obtained by contacting the New York State Attorney General, Dept. of Law, Charities Bureau, 120 Broadway, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10271

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Friends of Fulton Parks Incorporation Document
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To become a member, send a request with your name, preferred contact info and $5.00 for annual dues to:


Friends of Fulton Parks 

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Fulton, New York 13069



 Quirk Park

Friends of Fulton Parks


Another Level Youth Group



A very special thanks goes to the Friends of Fulton Parks and the Another Level Youth Group for all they are doing to improve Quirk Park as well as the other parks around the city.  In such a short time, the Friends of Fulton Parks have made a big difference in educating, cleaning and improving our parks.  Let's all get behind them to help our parks.


With Gratitude,

The City of Fulton Mayor's Office



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Friends of Fulton Parks





~ Rowlee Beach Park ~


RowleeBeachPark is named for Elon K. Rowlee who was Fulton Mayor from 1942-1949 and 1960-1965. The pool is located near the site of Sharp's Pond, a former popular swimming area. It is located at the east end of Utica Street, on 12th Street. This park has picnic areas, pond, and playground equipment.


~ Patrick Park ~



Patrick Park was named after Percy Patrick who was Mayor from 1965-1979. It was built into the neighborhood when the area was developed, as a donation from PatrickBrothersHomeBuilding. It has a grassy field, a slide, swings, and 4-seated bouncer. It is located on

Frawley Drive


Patrick Circle


~ Quirk Park ~



Quirk Park – Established in 1932, Quirk Park is a nice little hideaway between Utica Street and Cayuga Street. It has a swingset, benches and picnic area with grills.



~ Foster Park ~


Foster Park is named after James A. Foster, the first mayor of the City of Fulton. Foster served 3 terms -- 1902-1904, 1906-1907, and 1932-1933. The Foster family business was the Foster Brothers Cutlery Company. Foster Parkwas established in 1937. Presently, it offers a pavilion with grills, playground equipment and softball field. 



 ~ Oswego Falls Park ~


Oswego Falls Park was named after the nearby waterfalls in the Oswego River. From 1600-1828, the site was used for colonial portage around the falls. Fort Bradstreet also stood on the site from 1759-1767. Today, the park is located on South First Street near Union Street; it includes a basketball court, playing fields, swings, and other playground equipment.


~ VanBuren Park ~

VanBurenPark was established in 1962. It was named after the John VanBuren family, one of the first families to settle in Fulton, who happened to be cousins of United States President Martin VanBuren. The park is located on VanBuren and North Sixth Street. It offers tennis courts, playground equipment, open fields, a pavilion and grills.


 ~ Recreation Park ~


Recreation Park was established 1961, but it has a much longer history. In 1921 John W. Stevenson, general manager of the American Woolen Mills, created recreational facilities for his 1,500 employees on the site. The original structures, including an auditorium, an open-air dance pavilion, merry-go-round and athletic field with grandstand are no longer there, but the park's 28 lakeside acres are still used for recreation. Today the park adjacent to StevensonBeach has a pavilion, slide and swings; this green space is where the contest stones are hidden; they are not near the lakeshore. 


~ John Lincoln Park ~


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John Lincoln Park was established in 1967, and was named after civic leader, mayor-elect John Lincoln. Located on Gilbert Street near South 12th Street, the playground includes a small ball field and several swings.


~ Voorhees Park ~



Voorhees Park was donated by James and Martha Voorhees to the Village of Fulton as a park in 1853, and established as a City of Fulton Park in 1933. In 2005, a new playground was installed to accommodate children with disabilities. The name is often mispronounced "Fourth Street Park" since it occupies the block between North 4th and 3rd Streets, and Academy and Buffalo Streets; some call it the "church park" since its neighbor, Holy Trinity Church, regularly uses the property. Today's stones are hidden in Voorhees Park, not within 15 feet of the roads.


 ~ Hulett Park ~

The Park is located on Division Street, between South 6th and 7th St. It was established in 1944, and C.V. Abbott Memorial Playground was added in 1991. You may know it as "the plastic park" or "cemetery park" (it is near Mt. Adnah Cemetery). The playground accommodates children pre-school through age 12, and the park also offers picnic tables, grills, and benches



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