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Welcome from Mayor Deana Michaels


Welcome to Fulton!  I am humbled by this opportunity. It is with great pride and honor to serve as only the 2nd woman mayor in the history of our great city.

We as a city have much to be proud of. Our rich history. Our ability to come together in times of celebration; and in times of need. And our steadfastness to overcome the hurdles in front of us to achieve our goals as a community. 

The greatest asset we have as a community is our people. I cannot help but think about what lies ahead for our city.  Together we can be a community that thrives.  A community of safe neighborhoods for all to live, work and visit.  A community with a rich cultural district and a bustling downtown. A city that our youth are proud to call home and a city that is affordable to all ages.

There is a great new energy and feeling of optimism that fills the air in Fulton.  With initiatives such as the DRI funding, Fulton Block Builders, Friends of Fulton Parks and Fulton Footpaths to name a few, I know we are that much closer to seeing our city once again be a city of opportunity and hope.

Congratulations to my fellow elected officials on their victories, Ward 1 Councilor Kenyon, Ward 2 Councilor Chapman, Ward 3 Councilor Patrick, Ward 4 Councilor Kenyon, Ward 5 Councilor Avery, Ward 6 Councilor Macner. Together we are stronger. I am confident that as we move forward, we will always put Fulton First.

I extend a very special thank you to Mayor Woodward and Cathy Trowbridge for their dedication and years of service to our city.  Please join me in wishing them both the very best as they prepare for the next chapter of their lives.

Most importantly, a very special thank you to the citizens of Fulton NY.  You put your faith and trust in me - a mother with a goal to get her son to choose Fulton.  We stand together today with great opportunity in front of us and a new chapter for our city. The challenges we face did not happen overnight and will not be solved overnight.

It will take us all as a community to work together to make Fulton the city with a bright new future. Together we will make Fulton the city people choose to live, work and visit. 

There’s a saying that is near and dear to my heart “She believed she could so she did.” As we turn the page and start this new chapter in Fulton, I leave you with this thought “Fulton believed they could so we did.” 

Happy New Year to all. 

With warm regards,

Mayor Deana Michaels

City of Fulton



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