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  Nuisance Wildlife Trapping Policy



November 7, 2018

City of Fulton Nuisance Wildlife Trapping Policy

To print out a copy of the policy - click on the link above.



Definition:  Nuisance Wildlife - A wild animal that may cause property damage, is perceived as a threat to human health or safety, or is persistent and perceived as an annoyance. Examples include a skunk or fox living under the porch or shed. If an animal is not causing any concern, for example, it is simply passing by, is observed only once or twice and does not cause any harm, then it should not be considered a nuisance.


The Trapping of Nuisance Wildlife in the City of Fulton:


A property owner of the City of Fulton will be allowed two (2) trapping incidents per year.  Each trapping incident is defined as a trap being placed at the property for a maximum of 4 days.  If a justifiable emergency arises, a trap can be set at the discretional of the City licensed trapper. 


Trapping will occur during the normal work week (Monday through Friday).  All traps will be pulled at the end of the work week by the city trapper.   In an emergency, the resident will be directed to call the Fulton Police Department and a determination will be made whether or not to call in a city trapper.


The City of Fulton will not be responsible for the disposal of self- trapped animals on private property.  NYS DEC rules/laws regarding trapping and relocating is stated below along with other helpful information.


Relocating an Animal:


It is illegal for you to move or relocate an animal off your property. You cannot live trap an animal and release it in a park, on State land or anywhere other than on the property where it was captured. If you need a wild animal removed from your property, contact a Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator (NWCO). Relocating an animal can create problems for neighbors, can move diseases like rabies or Lyme, and can cause unnecessary stress to the animal. This task must be handled by a licensed professional.


For More Information Please Contact:


Residents looking for answers on Nuisance Wildlife can contact the NYS Wildlife Civilian Staff (1-607-753-3095) and they will help answer any questions you may have. You may also visit their website at


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