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The History of the New York State Conference of Mayors and Municipal Officials

NYCOM was founded in 1910 when forty-two of the state’s then forty-nine city mayors, concerned about city health issues, gathered for the first “Conference of Mayors.” The meeting was so successful that a resolution was approved calling for another conference to be held the following year, at which time a plan was adopted to create a permanent organization of mayors. In 1915, our first full-time director was appointed and a municipal information service was established to maintain a permanent record of business conducted at the annual meetings. In 1924, the Conference opened its membership to village governments, and eventually changed the basis of membership from solely the mayor to the entire municipal government.

The Conference’s first legislative program was formulated in 1920 by its Legislative Committee and the first training school was established in 1928. In 1935, NYCOM’s Municipal Training Institute was established to “improve the administration of municipal affairs in New York State by providing courses of training for municipal officials in service in New York State cities and Villages.”

NYCOM is governed by an Executive Committee comprised of sixteen voting members: fifteen mayors from member cities and villages, and one official representing a NYCOM affiliate organization. Four mayoral members of the Executive Committee are annually elected to serve as officers of NYCOM. The Immediate Past President of NYCOM is a voting member of the Executive Committee, while all other Past Presidents still in office as mayor remain on the Executive Committee as ex-official members.




Benefits of NYCOM Membership

Membership in NYCOM is a sound investment which benefits you and your municipality.

The New York State Conference of Mayors and Municipal Officials (NYCOM) is an association of, and for, cities and villages in New York.  Since 1910, NYCOM has united local government officials in an active statewide network.  With more than 590 municipalities and 7,000 local officials, NYCOM is a powerful advocate for city and village interests in the state legislature and with state agencies.  We are a readily accessible source of practical information touching upon every area of municipal activity.  NYCOM is also a leader in the on-going training and education of local officials.  From training programs to legislative advocacy to inquiry handling, NYCOM assists city and village officials in providing essential services in a cost effective manner.

Legislative Advocacy – NYCOM effectively speaks for our members’ interests with the Executive Chamber and State Legislature.  NYCOM represents municipal interests at the State and Federal levels, including updates on legislative activity via our Albany ActionNYCOM News, and Legislative Updates.

Education and Training - No one facet of NYCOM’s member 
service program has a more direct impact on day-to-day municipal 
administration than our training and education function. Each year over 1,500 local officials benefit from NYCOM training events.
Taking part in the varied training and networking opportunities, local officials are assisted with the many challenges they face in local government. Training events offered include our Winter Legislative Meeting, Annual Meeting and Training School, Fall Training School for City and Village Officials, Main Street Economic Development Conferences, Public Works Training School, Election Workshops, Regional Workshops, Firefighter Workshops and other topical training.

Inquiry/Information Services - One of the goals of NYCOM is to serve as a clearing-house of information, so do not hesitate to give NYCOM a call. NYCOM’s experienced staff includes three attorneys and experts in labor relations and municipal finance, providing technical and legal assistance to answer municipal questions and providing written legal opinions. The NYCOM staff is ready to answer and/or direct any inquiries you may have.

Amicus Curiae – NYCOM is available to provide legal support in the New York and Federal appellate courts on issues of state-wide importance to municipalities.

Local Law Service – NYCOM offers copies of sample local laws from municipalities across the State.

Labor Agreement Database Service (LADS) - By request, these reports are available to members for comparing salaries and benefits for unionized employees.  There is a modest fee for this service.

Surveys and Research – NYCOM Distributing information on specific topic areas such as municipal salaries, health insurance, budgets and taxes, technology, fees and fines, and more.

PUBLICATIONS... - For members only:

The Directory of City & Village Officials and Product Services Guide– This annual publication lists every city and village in New York State, complete with municipal officials, addresses, telephone and fax numbers, counties and population figures.  The Directory also highlights municipal products and services from firms interested in providing services to local governments in New York State.  The Directory is a valuable desk-top reference for thousands of municipal officials.

The New York State Municipal Bulletin- As a responsible public official, you need to keep up with developments on many fronts. The Bulletin is NYCOM’s first line communication with our members. Published bi-monthly, the Bulletin is your source for expanded coverage of NYCOM activities and events, reports on legislative and other developments at the state and federal levels, in-depth analysis of special issues, affiliate news, and the latest information on the municipal legal front.

NYCOM NewsLegislative Update and Albany Action – Are NYCOM’s newsletters that update members in between issues of the Municipal Bulletin on more timely news to insure that members receive the latest information on the issues affecting local government.

Across the Table - Is NYCOM’s specialized, monthly labor relations publication featuring a review of labor relations issues, court cases, and decisions of the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB).

The Handbook for Village Officials -Is a comprehensive guide to the operation of village government. The information in the Handbook cannot be found in any other publication, and represents a valuable source for any village official.

Newly-Elected Handbooks - Are designed for the newly-elected official and provide a basic introductory guide to new officials. They are available in both city and village editions.

NYCOM Special Reports - The NYCOM staff writes and compiles many publications addressing specialized areas of local governments. As a member, you’ll receive a wide variety of surveys and reports updating you on the latest municipal issues. Remember -- suggestions for topics are always welcome from our members!

LADS -The Labor Agreement Database Service (LADS) is an exclusive members-only service provided by the New York State Conference of Mayors and Municipal Officials (NYCOM). This service allows each of our members to request copies of complete labor contracts from our clearinghouse which currently maintains nearly 600 contracts representing more than 250 cities and villages throughout New York State. Comparable New York cities and villages are selected by you based on size or region. Each municipality may annually order free copies of up to five (5) complete labor contracts from each department - Police, DPW, Fire, and Clerical.





NYCOM News Release February 28, 2011





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