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Personnel and Civil Service  Department
Attention Residents
In order to comply with the orders that Governor Cuomo mandated regarding Coronavirus (NOVID-19), please note the following changes to this office.
The Personnel/Civil Service Office is holding regular business hours but currently closed to the public except by appointment.  Applications can be printed off website and mailed in.  The health and safety of the comunity is and will remain our top priority.  Thank you for your patience during this time of uncertainty. Please find the contact information below. 
You can e-mail Laurie Smith at


Laurie Smith
Personnel/Civil Service Administrator
City of Fulton Municipal Building 

141 South First Street

Fulton, NY 13069

Office Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM; M-F

Phone: 315-593-2222

Fax: 315-592-3413



Hollie Anderson
Personnel/Civil Service Assistant

City of Fulton Municipal Building
141 South First Street
Fulton, NY 13069
Office Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM; M-F
Phone: 315-598-8548
Fax: 315-592-3413



The City of Fulton Personnel/Civil Service Office handles all employee benefits (which include NYS Retirement Registration, Medical/Dental and Life Insurances, Workers’ Compensation Claims) along with the administration of Civil Service Laws. The Fulton Municipal Civil Service Commission administers Civil Service Laws for the City of Fulton, the Fulton School District, the Fulton Library and the Fulton Housing Authority.  The Fulton Municipal Civil Service Commission consists of three commissioners, not more than two of whom shall at any time be adherents of the same political party.

Fulton Municipal Civil Service Commissioners:

Steve Abraham, Chairman and Commissioner

David Johnson, Commissioner

Richard Rebeor, Commissioner


Functions of the Civil Service Commission:


  • Certify eligibles for appointment
  • Process examinations, including ordering new exams
  • Preparing announcements and reviewing applications
  • Approve provisional and other temporary appointments to competitive class positions
  • Approve appointment to non-competitive positions
  • Approve claims for veteran’s and disabled veteran’s credits
  • Review and recommend classifications of positions
  • Maintain roster cards and other personnel records
  • Consult with administrative and legislative officials regarding civil service and personnel matters

               and procedures

  • Maintain the classification plan including preparing new and revised class specifications.


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City of Fulton
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