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The City of Fulton located in upstate NY on the southeastern shores of Lake Ontario, is a city strongly influenced by winter weather (lake effect and noreastern snows) hence a winter weather

plan is a must.  Winter operations are as follows:

Application of Salt and Abrasive Sand:

Application will start when road conditions warrant unsafe or slick travel. It will be the determination of the Fulton Police Department and the Department of Public Works to determine the start of this action.  Primary roadways will get first attention followed by emergency service routes and emergency services then schools (if in session), next will be secondary roadways and parking lots.

Mechanical Snowplowing:

Mechanical Snowplowing will begin when the Public Works Commissioner and / or his/her designee deems that salt and sand applications will not maintain safe road conditions. This procedure will continue until roads are safe for travel or an emergency is declared. 

Primary Road Plowing:

All primary Routes in and out of the City will be plowed first. This includes NYS Rt. 481, NYS Rt. 3, NYS Rt. 48, NYS Rt. 176, and Hannibal Street. Included in this are Emergency service routes (Fire, Police, Ambulance and Hospitals). School routes will be next (if school and busing are in session).

Secondary Road Plowing:

Secondary and residential plowing have specific routes. Depending on Storm events all efforts will be made to maintain travel on secondary and residential roadways.

Municipal Parking Lots:

Parking lots designated as Emergency areas will be cleared first followed by all other city public lots.  Removal of snow piles will be done when the buildup impedes operation of parking facilities and / or safety. This procedure will generally be done after business hours, weather conditions permitting.

East and West Side Business Districts:

District sidewalks will be cleared and maintained in combination with other plowing operations. Sidewalks will be plowed and salted during daytime business hours and also made ready for the start of business the next day. Please be patient, all efforts will be made but storm conditions and traffic safety could hamper this operation. Note: The location of districts can be found in the city charter.

Snow Removal and Street Widening:

Snow removal will begin when the Public Works Department feels that stockpiled locations of snow can not handle additional snow or an unsafe visibility condition warrants removal. Street widening will follow the same general rules, but primary roads and narrow ones will take precedent. Keep in mind some of these operations will cause previously plowed driveways to have snow and ice put back in them. The Department tries to make every effort to keep this to a minimum.

Emergency Parking Locations:

When a Snow Emergency has been declared, emergency parking will be available at the following locations:

Indian Point:   Route 481 across from Babcock Oil

Bullhead Point:  Route 3 by Lake Neahtahwanta

Fulton Community Center Parking Lot

On Street Parking Ban:

Effective November 1st to April 1st from 1:30 a.m. to 5:30 a.m.

Municipal Parking Lots Parking Ban:

Effective November 1st to April 1st from 1:30 a.m. to 5:30 a.m.

Equipment and Staffing:

The City of Fulton operates and maintains numerous pieces of equipment for winter operations.

These include:

Six primary snowplows, two back up plows, three front end loaders, two backhoe loaders, three salt trucks, two small loaders, two large snow blowers and six four wheel drive pick ups with plows. The Public Works Department is divided into three divisions, Highway, Water, and Sanitation, each having their roll to play in winter operations. Please keep in mind, winters in Fulton can be severe.  All employees are professionals at what they do and perform the highest quality service to the community.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.


DPW               (315) 592-5459
POLICE          (315) 598-2007 * Non-emergency number
FIRE                (315) 592-7477 * Non-emergency number
CITY HALL    (315) 592-7330

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