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Water Conservation Tips:


Water saved is money saved.  By practicing water conservation, your bill will be reduced and you will also pay less in sewer and energy costs.  We encourage you to conserve water and make it a part of your daily life.


Did you know....

A continuous leak at 60 psi water pressure over a three month period can waste water as follows: 

Diameter of Stream          Gallons

        1/4"                    1,181,500

         3/16"                      666,000

          1/8"                       296,000

         1/16"                        74,000


Water Saving Ideas:


  • If you add a few drops of food coloring to your toilet tank and the colored water appears in your bowl without flushing, there is a leak.  Also listen for the sound of running water in your toilet.  This may also indicate you have a leak.


  • You should always use the load selector on your washing machine for large or small loads.  Otherwise, wash only full loads.  Use cold water and try using less detergent.  This will save you energy and money.


  • Wash your car sensibly.  Wash in sections, rinse with short spurts from hose.  If you need to wash often, use a car wash that recycles water.  Try to wash car near hedges, shrubs, for a "free drink".


  • When watering your lawn or garden, water slowly, thoroughly and as infrequently as possible.  Water at night to minimize evaporation.  Select hardy species that don't need as much water and mulch heavily.  Let grass grow higher in dry weather...saves burning and saves water.


  • Cover your swimming pool when not in use to prevent evaporation and to keep clean.  Don't fill up high, water splashes easily.  Recycle wading pool water or collect gutter water for plants, shrubs and lawn.


  • Repair all leaks in your plumbing system.  Even a small drip can be very cost saving.


  • Don't run water while washing dishes and only run dishwasher with full loads.
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