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Department of Public Works

Water Division

141 South First Street

Fulton, NY 13069

(315) 592-7303 


Charles J. Smith III, Commissioner

Jodi Corsoniti, Utilities Billing Supervisor

John Florek, Water Treatment Plant Chief Operator

John Pawlewicz, Water Distrubution Maintenance Leader 



2018 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

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It is the mission of the Department of Public Works, Water Division, to provide the highest quality safe potable water for consumption to the residents served by the City of Fulton and also to provide flow and volume of water for fire fighting capabilities, while continually maintaining and improving the water infrastructure at the most reasonable rates.




The Fulton Water Department, a division of the Department of Public Works, maintains approximately 66 miles of water main lines and 555 fire hydrants.  Our water sources consist of 10 groundwater wells, and treated surface water from Lake Ontario purchased from OCWA via a water connection.  The OCWA source is received already filtered and treated, and it is used to supplement groundwater sources, as needed, to meet system demand.  Of the 10 groundwater wells owned and operated by the City, two are located on the Water Works property, two are located on Co Rt 57 south of the Water Works property and six wells are located at the Great Bear well field.  Water from these wells gets treated at our Water Works facility.  To ensure good quality drinking water, the Fulton Water Department flushes the water main lines by opening fire hydrants.  This flushing program takes place annually and may cause customers to experience discolored and/or low water pressure.  Public announcements are made prior to the start of this program.

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City of Fulton
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